Monday, November 17, 2008

A Couple Things

Age- My age has never bothered me. I'm 32. I have tons of grey hair, have since I was 20. My Mom went grey very young, so my sister and I are following suit. I am kind of to the place where I just don't care to color it. It's a lot of up keep, my hair grows like a weed. What I do mind is that fact that I have recently been compared to being like someone's grandma. Ok, so two of them were kids, but still. Does make a blow to the ego. Now, on a couple of occasions it has been adults. Someone actually asked me if I was Lillian's grandmother. (can someone please dig the knife out of my heart???) So I've been hung up on being called a Grandmother until about a week ago I went into a gas station and the cashier made the comment that she wondered if my Mom knew I was drinking coffee bc she knew I couldn't be over 18. I offered to pay her for the compliment, jokingly, but it did comfort me a bit, considering she was likely my age. I got out to the car and then realized I was probably being "hit on".....i think I'll take Grandma.

"Not Right"- My Mom, Sister and her Fam came over for dinner tonight. (my oldest was being delivered by my sister as she had spent the night) I made a large spread (noone helped with the dishes, btw) we were chatting and my Mom began talking about this woman and how much she admired her. She admired her because of how she treated these couple of adults that were "not right" at church. I spoke up and said, people will probably refer to my daughter that way some day, that she's "not right". It sounded so strange to my own ears. Even when the doctors told me that Lillian would be mentally retarded to some degree, it did not matter to me. (and by the way, when you are pregnant and people ask you if you want a boy or girl and you say all I want is a healthy baby...I got news, you don't care about that either. You LOVE your kids no matter how healthy they are, I mean seriously do you love them less???) It does seem strange to me though, that she may be known as the person who is "not right". Just sounding off, as it is rattling around in my head.


Vickie said...

You know, you are right. I had always said that I wanted a healthy baby. But, I would love any baby that God had given to me. Not to be a pooper head, but I have had a miscarriage before, so I was glad when a pregnancy would last.

Now, on a not so serious note: Being called older than you really are has happened to me. It was right before my husband and I got married. I was looking kindof scrubby that morning, hey it was Saturday, and the Jehovah Witness's called my husband, then boyfriend...MY SON!!!! Oh... My... Gosh!!

I love it when the cashier asks for my ID. Now the hitting on part has not happened in a long time.

Finding Normal said...

I wondered how old you are! heeehee! I'm 32 too. Class of 94 baby! I feel like you should be way older because I just cannot imagine having 2 tweenagers in my house!
I never get carded anymore. I think I would PAY someone to card me, especially when they have those signs posted that say they'll card if you look under 45. HELLO?!?!? I'm still 23 in my head.

connie said...

I was reading, not ready to comment, till I read what Addison's mommy wrote about being 23 in her head. THAT IS ME!! Which is why I am utterly offended when someone mentions they think I'm not!

And how come I don't know Addison's mommy's name?! I looked through old comments, on her blog ... basically wasted time I don't have .... and not a hint. Hmmm. Is her life made up? Her beautiful family? Her teaching position? That cutest little girl, Addison?