Saturday, November 8, 2008

Headed for Action

Today has started out just lovely. I awaken to Matt screaming like a banshee (sp?). Always a bad sign. He was in a ripe mood. Kind of glad he went to work. He's decided to keep working evenings for a while, oh joy. Oh well, just gotta go with the flow. Anyway, I'm headed to a birthday party with all the girls and and will get to visit with some old family friends. Looking forward to it. I got some really cute clothes for my baby girl from Finding Normal, and they are SUPER cute! I LOVE hand me downs! This sounds pathetic, but I've actually bought clothes for the big girls on ebay for Christmas. Well, heck, I'm poor (financially) and my kids are starting to want name brand things and we just can't afford 30.00 for one pair of jeans......(not to mention that I think it's ridiculous) the funny thing is, that they look exactly like the ones in the stores...aeropostale, old navy, mudd, jeans look like they've been worn fifty times before being hung on a rack. Guess I better go, I hear the shower calling my name.

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Finding Normal said...

Glad you liked the clothes. I didn't used to have to buy much since mine are only grandchildren on one side, and 2 out of 3 on the other, but I find myself buying more lately. Girl clothes are so stinkin cute! I'm so glad to have someone to hand my stuff down to, cuz I'm a big fan of it. Have always had a boy to give Noah's stuff to since I knew someone through school whose boy is Addison's age. Woohoo!