Friday, November 28, 2008


We had a nice dinner with some family friends. Today, however, I'm paying the price. I feel like I'm being guilt tripped, but I'm determined to not doubt our decision and not forget what a nice dinner we had and how laid back it was. I did not cook and we had a nice leisurely afternoon. I think I ate 6 yeast rolls...YUM! Turkey is my favorite, I wish it wasn't such a labor to prepare or I'd cook it regularly. I think I will get out to some shopping today, although I do not look forward to the masses. Hopefully, they've gotten their "must haves" and are headed back home. I at least have to go order birthday cake for little missy and birthday wrapping paper for her. We are celebrating on Sunday. Of course I need to food shop as well. We always have snacks on birthdays. On her actual birthday, we gave her one of her gifts and when the girls came home from school, this is what happened...too too funny....

Now you know if I got those girls Mr Potato Head, they wouldn't touch him with a ten foot pole, but get for the two year old and look what


Vickie said...

Isn't that the truth. My eldest would say,"That is a baby toy." But I would catch her playing with it. That is a cool mr. potato head hat. Our's is just plain green.

Yes I did get your address. Did you get my email? It was a recipe. I sent it last week Friday.

To place your awards, do a Save As to your computer. Then you can place it in your side bar, like you would for pictures:D

ChelleyD said...

No, I did not get it. I bet it went to my spam. Would you send it to me again and I'll make sure and check my spam. Dumb yahoo.

Thanks for the info...I'll see if I can do the save!

Finding Normal said...

Hope you got out and about today. Me? Still in PJs at 2 PM. No plans or desire to leave the house. I did some online shopping last night and this morning.
Love Mr. Potato head! Santa is bringing Add one too!
I doubt we'll be there Sunday, what with all of my snot. I'll let you know. :/