Thursday, November 20, 2008

Too funny and GUH-ROSS

Against my better wishes, I went and made dinner. I made some garlic chicken with parmesan cheese, pretty easy,right? I decide I'll try something different and add some italian cheese blend to the top, mind you, I'm cooking without lights on. After the cheese melted, I took a taste and detected the strong flavor of mold, yes, mold. Flipped on lights, italian cheese blend (that I just bought) was molded and I had, yes, sprinkled it atop my delectable chicken. What does MOTY do? She scrapes it off and serves it, unawares to children. Cheese is made from mold right? Still can't get the taste out of mouth....eeeewwwww. Moral of the story, turn on the lights when you cook. Thank goodness I didn't dump the whole bag on. Just had to share.


Junior Mints said...

I woulda done the same thing :)

Vickie said...

Like Junior Mints, I would have done the same thing and drank a gallon of pop to get the taste out. The kids would never know cuz, I am always drinking pop. I am addicted to the stuff.

Besides that, the chicken dinner sounded good.

Finding Normal said...

I was totally sitting here saying to myself (no one else is up!)...SCRAPE IT! Actually, I may have been chanting it in my head. Sorry about that.
What is up with cheese molding so quickly? Seems like ours only lasts for a couple of weeks once that ziploc has been opened. And why does the generic cheese at Marsh stick so badly to the inside of the bag? Waste of money to try to save money by buying it! And why is the Walmart cheese cheaper than Kraft?
I could write a whole bunch about cheese. Obviously.