Tuesday, November 18, 2008


What am I thankful for...

My Family (even though it sounds like I'm not sometimes.) My husband who works very hard and each one of my girls brings something unique to my life every day.

Surviving Flood 2008- 6-7-08, home becomes surrounded by flood waters, make hasty very poorly executed evacuation. Wade through waist deep water with five children and rat terrier to safety. (not something I'd want to relive)

Finding New Place to Live--Find out previous home is deemed unsafe dwelling due to afore mentioned flood; must move immediately. Not an easy task considering half of the city needs a new place to live. And we are NOT your average family

GIVEN a car---lost minivan in afore mentioned flood.

Understanding Teachers- who seem to genuinely care about my kids.

Having another year with Lillian--though it has not been easy and Lillian is sick more than she is well, I would not trade a minute of it all.

OTC medicine--Really, I mean it...I love sudafed ( when the sinuses wreek havoc), tylenol, and ibuprofen

Finding Normal---My soul sister

God---who holds me up and helps me survive


Junior Mints said...

Hi, I wandered over from Finding Normal. I've known her for a long time and if she says you are great then you really are great.
I'm pretty new to the blogging myself.
I have only boys. So far.
Anyway, stop by sometime. Hope it is ok if I drop by again.
Stay strong!

Junior Mints said...

4 under 4? I'm sorry in advance for all the advice I will be asking you for in the future. :)

Finding Normal said...

Aw, there's my Junior Mints (friend from high school!) over there! Funny how this blogosphere turns!
I'm so glad you have all of those blessings, and that you've had time to list them today. Noah and I have been talking about what we're thankful for each night as we cuddle for the past week or so. He always says me and the dog. And I'm not sure he much likes the dog. He is the sweetest boy ever. Ask him what the best part of his day was, and he'll say "spending time with Mommy." MELT MY HEART every night!
Saw something in the paper (Monday? Or maybe Sunday? don't read regularly, so it has to be in one of those 2) about a photography group doing free photo sessions for flood victims. Did you see that? Want me to dig through the recycling bin for it?
Will you be in on Thursday? Should I stress out getting next week's (short!) plans done so I can sit and chat with you? heeeeheeee!

Vickie said...

You go girl! I need to start thinking of my blessings.

I remember watching the news regarding the floods that hit the middle of the nation, this past summer. Wow, that must have been hard.

Take Care.