Sunday, November 23, 2008

The Goal

All week I kept telling myself I was going to work hard this weekend and clean clean clean. I did just that. Even though I felt like I never sat down, I did get a lot done. Dining room table clean...there is a surface.....bedroom floor, can see it again...Still some to do, but there's some issues with storage in this house, so I'm thinking on that. Laundry almost done, I think I've done about 8-10 loads this weekend. Sheets, clothes, laundry was OUT OF CONTROL. With the puke fest Lillian has been having, cloth diapers and multiple clothing changes....EEK GADS. I cooked 4 meals this is mostly clean. Got to sweep but did not make it mopping. Clean dishes need to be put away but that can wait. I am looking forward to this week, Thanksgiving and Lillian's birthday. Much to do. Don't know if I mentioned the genetics appt, but we actually didn't go. As soon as I loaded Lillian in the car, puke fest began, which is her history when she is sick. Head over to the pediatrician and by then nasty junk was draining from her ear. She is still not doing very well. We've had to go on a pedialyte diet and today she is running a fever. Ironic since she's on antibiotics. Friday I had a total melt down, in the doc's office, in the Marsh parking lot. I cannot really explain my emotions, but it's not just that she has all these medical needs, she can't seem to get and stay healthy. It is a never ending, vicious, unfair cycle. It is taxing to see her so miserable. I can clean puke all day, but watching her have to suffer is the crapper of it all. This whole experience has taken a piece of me, I don't know if I can explain it to have it make sense.....

All in all, I felt like I got some things accomplished this weekend and it has given me a little peace to have a somewhat presentable home, you know, one that wouldn't totally embarrass me if someone came over. LOL.

PS- Vickie, Thanks a bunch for the award, however, I'm not savvy enough to figure out how to do the instructions that you left!! I'm just know enough to be dangerous!!!


Vickie said...

Hey girl dangerous is good! Your welcome!

Sorry Lillian is sick, hope she is doing better soon.

I hate it when my kids are sick, they are just not themselves.

angie said...

All I am going to say today is...I UNDERSTAND...I COMPLETELY UNDERSTAND!!

Finding Normal said...

Okay, now come clean my house. LOL I so did not get to 1/20 of my list, but I will appease myself with the knowledge that no one will be coming here for dinner, and the therapists have seen it much worse.
I hope baby girl will be feeling better ASAP, especially in time for her BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!
This journey rips me apart, time and again. And then somehow builds me back up. I hope you'll be on the upswing again soon. And how bummed am I that we'll miss our Thursday AM chat? :/

Junior Mints said...

I've been cleaning like crazy over here. Feels good to have a clean house.
Hope Lillian is feeling better! :)