Friday, March 18, 2011

Almost a week in review

This has been a wonderful week. Quality time with my family, a little bit of this and that. Let's see, want to hear my most embarassing moments of the week?

I went to Kohls in hopes of finding a coffee mug holder. You know, like a metal tree of sorts...well, I walked in and they have those five dollar deals on stuffed animals. They happened to have the very hungry catepillar, since we were going to try taking Lillian to the movies, I thought hey, five bucks, I'll get one of those and she'll play with it, she LOVES the book. I picked it up and as I was walking by the checkout line, I saw Lillian's speech therapist from school and tapped her in the back with it....just as I did it she turned to look me straight in the face, and I said "hey, lady" only to be staring back at a total stranger that simply looked like Lillian's speech therapist. I wanted to DIE. It was so embarassing. I apologized profusely and she was very gracious and thought it funny....geez....

Last night, I was in Walmart in the self check out with Bethany and her little boyfriend, we were waiting behind this lady who was checking out her stuff. Bethany had started asking me over and over again if I would get beef jerky for her and the BF to share. I kept saying no, and on about the third request, I said, very exasperated, "Bethany, come on....seriously..." the lady checking out, says..."well, I'm sorry, I'm going as fast as I can".....I was like, oh ,no no no, I didn't mean you....I would never try to rush someone ahead of me like that....The kids were horrified and took off...which was hysterical. I'm not sure if her name was Bethany or she just didn't hear that part, but I felt pretty silly and a little embarrassed. Of course, embarassing the kids was icing on the cake. *giggles*

That sums up this weeks embarrassing episodes.

My husband has worked so hard this week, painting, hanging shelves and pictures, cleaning out the garage, hauling junk away. It is so great to have some stuff done around here. Moving in the winter is not ideal, so this week has been great to get things done. We've also done plenty of relaxing and running around, and having fun just being together.

Today, I'm finishing up laundry and preparing to have another family over this evening for snacks and games. We used to see them every week, but since we moved it has been very little. They are a great family and have as many boys as we have girls.

I'm making banana bread from Southern Plate, some old pampered chef favorites, ham and cheese puffs, southwestern chicken squares, hot pizza dip, cool and creamy chocolate fondue, and just one of our all time favorites, butterscotch rice crispy treats. I think that should feed several teenage boys and my crew. I guess there's always delivery if nothing Maybe I can post some pics later.

Guess I better finish off this taco salad if I'm going to, and get to gettin', Lillian has an ENT appointment this afternoon. Matt is on dentist, the second chapter, and doctor follow ups for everyone else. Laudry isn't going to wash itself...I don't think....drats. :)

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Treasures from a Shoebox said...

Well hey, at least you only thought the lady was your child's therapist. It could've been worse. Like the time I mistook a complete stranger for MY HUSBAND! Not gonna elaborate on that one. But I think you get the idea anyway. :D