Wednesday, March 16, 2011

A little redecorating

I was able to purchase a service of eight of these dishes...I've adored them from a far for quite some time. I got them on clearance for 25.00. Tiny picture, but the color palette is all there. I can't wait to have dinner on them. They have a soft wavy edge. LOVE them.This is Spring Break for my kids. We didn't do anything special, just staying home trying to continue to unpack, get things hung on the walls, stuff like that. Matt took the week off too, and he has been FANTASTIC getting things done. Yes, we have done some running around, and today we even took in a movie with ALL the girls.

So a little history, our dining room was this butternut squash yellow, floor to ceiling. My picture is just not doing it justice. I liked the color ok, but it was just TOOOOOO much for me. I painted a little but Matt painted the majority. We left the yellow on top and the green colors are more in the sage family than they look in the pic. The lighter green is painted over a very pretty tin border that has lovely detail, I just can't get a good picture of it. My sister got me a new scentsy warmer and it is on the left. The second picture shows the red one, I have decided I like the green better. Wish you could see more detail. Red scentsy warmer.

I took a before pic, but lost it somewhere along the

This is the archway leading to the living room, Matt insisted on going to Hobby Lobby today, (I just browsed the scrapbooking area...can you believe it??) and I was able to score this little ensemble for ten bucks. It picks up all the colors in the room. The opposing wall is wall to wall windows with bench seating, I'm going to search through my tote of fabric to see if I can make some pillows for the bench. I made curtains when we first moved in. It feels more like MY home now, being able to my own touches in it.
The picture has words in script across the word prayer that reads, "when life gets to hard to stand...kneel"

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Treasures from a Shoebox said...

Beautiful touches Michelle. You have a knack for decorating!