Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Dentist Appointment

All the girls had dentist appointments today. Madeline lucked out, as she was staying with Great Grandma up in Indy. The rest of the girls went and got cleaned. I considered changing dentist since ours is now about 30 minutes away, but, how can I possibly leave the comfort of the dentist coming out and giving me a hug? I've been seeing him myself since I was a little girl, and it just feels like family. I think I will just have to deal with the drive. I mean, really, it's like seeing a long lost relative every six months. The two office girls are so sweet and they just chat away with my girls. Old friends. I think I got a lead on getting some family pictures done reasonably as well, so I'm looking forward to checking into that. I need some good pics of our family. One of the receptionists gave me the info. The only bad thing about the dentist? Waiting. Waiting FOR.EVER. for three girls to get their teeth cleaned and then examined by the dentist. UGH. Such is life, I guess. I came home, preparing to visit a friend in the hospital and was planning to make a "live forever" bouquet for her. I saw this idea on a craft blog, and reinvented Lillian's formula cans for the "vase".

I only had to arrange the flowers ten times to be satisfied with it. Now, I think I'm pretty happy. Next time, I'll make smaller flowers. This takes fake flowers to a whole new level...LOL.

* note to self--create set for photos so everyone doesn't see my mess!*

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Crystal said...

It's a lovely bouquet. Better make me one when I'm in the hospital and remember...I like BIG!! :D Love you! :D