Monday, March 28, 2011

Crazy Monday...I mean it... seriously....for real

Lillian woke up at 540 this morning hacking her poor little head off. I think she dozed back off somewhere around 615 in bed with me. Matt got up for work and a bit later my alarm went off. I kept hitting the snooze thinking get up get up. You have toooo much to do today to lay in bed. Supper to get in the crockpot, shower, Lillian to therapy, BFF to lunch then Lillian to KY. You MUST get up!!! Isabelle comes up and says, "Mom, a lady ran out of gas in front of the mailbox and needs to use our phone. " I say ok, take it to her. Lillian and I drag out of bed and head down the stairs, Isabelle comes rushing back in," Mom, the lady out of gas needs to talk to you" I say ok. Here I am still in my bed clothes, hair sticking up left and right, um, just think about how you wake up in the morning...funky teeth, crazy hair, dressed in bed clothes, sleep in your eyes, and perhaps dried drool and your face...if you are me anyway. This poor woman, greets me at the front door. Long story short, can I help her push her car out of the road and take her to a place to get her other son to the dentist. Oh- and by the way...she's pregnant. Yep, pregnant. I'm thinking this is the last thing this lady needs is to be pushing a car. Hello. So, we arrange for her little boy to sit in my house with Lillian while we push her car off the busy road into my yard. As I'm standing in the road waiting for traffic to subside a bit, another good samaritan pulls up behind us and says, "you need help"...yes maam, thank you so much. This lady then says, "oh hang on a minute, here comes a man to help us". I'm thinking, thank you Lord for sending so many people to help us. I look toward the man and realize it's my new pastor. I say, "oh, that's my pastor". About that time, and I'm so not kidding...he is jogging across my yard, his foot catches on something and he goes tumbling forward, head first, then head over heels...I'm watching all this in slow motion, thinking Oh.MY.WORD. You know how in the movie Matrix, Neo slows way down into slow motion when he dodges the bullets...that's all I could think of. Friends, I don't know how that man escaped the gravel driveway AND the mailbox post, AND the cement culvert, but he did. UN-injured. I ran up to him and made sure he was ok, and let me tell you, he recovered quick. We get the woman's car off the road and I drive the woman where she needs to go. All the while thinking, man I hope he's really ok. After I get Lillian dropped off to therapy, I head over to the church to sign Matt up for the work day on Saturday and to check if he's really ok. He was really ok and we got a good chuckle out of the whole event. He admitted to me that God had humbled him real quick with that stumble. My day was full and busy with all that I had going on, but God opened a door for me to invite someone new to church. I think it would be so neat if they did come all as a result of a really inconvenient incident. I had her on my mind all day, thinking of days when I'd been in similar situations. What a day! Definitely not a normal Monday!

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