Monday, March 14, 2011

Volunteering in the Library


Last Thursday was my first day volunteering in the elementary school library. I went in around 1240 and stayed until 3. OMW. That is all I can say. My knees are revolting against me. Here's the thing, did you ever really think about the size of elementary school book shelves? About 3 ft tall. Which is WONDERFUL for the children. For me? The volunteer putting all the books back on the shelves?? Notsomuch. ;) I swear they picked out all the books on the very bottom shelf, WHICH, totally makes sense for them...perhaps I can sway some of them to the top shelves...giggles. Really, I may go in with knee pads next week. Crikey. And what exactly would be the most appropriate footwear. I wore my black shoes, moderate chunky heel, comfortable. UM, no. Not after that day. They. ached so bad Thursday night, I wanted to chew them off. Not really, sort of....

The afternoon started with one kindergarden class after another. I think we had five classes, in total, K, 1st, and 2nd. They are a frisky bunch. They cannot sit still, nor can they keep their little hands and feet to themselves. I was more of an assistant that day, trying to keep little ones to keep their little hands and feet to themselves. It amazed me when some of them, having never met me, would just walk up and throw their arms around me. So sweet. The older classes had to do scavenger hunts...that was pure pandelerium......

At three, I wandered down to the gym to pick up Lillian and head home, and she cried and cried all the way home until she fell asleep in my lap on the couch, signing "the bus". I, who was adamantly against her riding the bus, then had to put her on it because of vehicle problems, was trying to comfort a child who adamantly WANTED to ride the bus. *sighs*

It was a busy afternoon...I was whooped. What am I going to do with these knees??/

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Finding Normal said...

I do the weekly volunteering at the school library, too. And it is so so painful. I also have decided that I will wear short sleeves, regardless of the outside temp b/c it is always HOT in the library. And then I'm going all that moving and I'm a hot mess. Literally. Glad you're enjoying your time there.
Lill on the bus? I knew that would happen. When I pick Addi up from school on appointment days, she has a FIT.