Friday, March 11, 2011

sings, "sisters, sisters"

My one and only sister. Where shall I start? My sister, she is the elder....heh heh heh....not by much, but older still. *insert giggling, because I know she is probably reading* Oh my goodness, what an interesting life she has given me. She has had me on as much an emotional roller coaster as I've ever been. She is one of those people who seem to have a little storm cloud that chases her wherever she might go. It's like, if something bad is going to happen, it's going to happen to her. Mom always used to say that. Somehow, though, she always comes out of it for the better. Let's see, how bout the time we found her unconcious, 38 weeks pregnant at her bedside. OR, how bout the time she hydroplaned on the interstate and rolled her van down and embankment, breaking her back and shoulder. How bout the time, she nudged a car in the Walmart parking lot, called the police and ironically got HERSELF taken to jail? WHILE my baby was in the NICU. (that'll be a chapter in my book, My Sister's stent in the poky) All of these instances, while terrible at the time actually had a positive turn out. Thank the Lord, she was healed of the medical issues she faced at those times, and the little overnight stay with our fine law enforcement was simply an error in paperwork. Don't you just love the system?

We have fought, loved, interfered, cried, laughed...laughed, cried, fought, interfered, get the idea. She annoys me and I annoy her. We don't always see eye to eye. Our personalities are pretty opposite. We can gripe to each other in a way that noone else can understand. All because we are sisters. We live pretty far apart now. Since I moved to Seymour, most of the family refers to me being in KY. That part is not so great, but we have phones, internet and we do visit.

My sister is about to embark on a form of bypass surgery. She has accomplished all of the pre-surgery requirements and has made some tremendous changes in her diet. I am so proud. She has a date, May 11. We are both heavy set women. I keep saying in my head, "if she can quit, I can quit". I'm not there, but I should be...anyway, like I said, I'm so proud of the changes she is making. I know this surgery is a step she needs to continue to live on this Earth. I also know she is in the hands of the Lord.

*Crystal, stop reading or get you some kleenex*

I'm proud. I'm excited. I'm afraid. I know how high the risk is. It's a dangerous step, but a step she must take. I am annoyed at myself for having fear, but she is my ONLY sister. The ONLY person who has born my ONLY blood niece and nephew. She is the ONLY person who will fight with me and make up with in under five minutes. We are all we have. How will I cope if this little cloud doesn't provide a rainbow? There. Maybe I can quiet the fear now. I've named it so maybe it can be silent.

This will be a long road for her, her children, and her husband. Met with many challenges and good things. I'm excited. I'll be there for encouragement, love, and understanding. She may not know the depth of my love, but I hope she does.

"There were never such devoted sisters"

Peace be still.

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Crystal said...

I have cried nearly all day struggling with a tiny argument with Steve and then the message at revival being about prayer and how much I've neglected my duty as a christian remaining in earnest prayer and then THIS? What are you trying to do to me?????

Thankfully the kleenex was right here hand and I wept and blew my nose and all is well now.

I DO know how much you love me and I love you too! There is no other person I can share with what I share with you.