Saturday, March 12, 2011

Some more February Scrapbook Pages

My Grandparents. They died within a year of each other. My Grandpa died after suffering many months with a slow-eating colon cancer. It was a blessing, because he suffered so long. His children, while sad, were ready to let him go. His funeral was very sad. My boy cousins were just a mess. personally, trying to comfort a crying man is one of the harder things to do in life. I don't know if my sister felt this way, but I never really felt loved by my grandparents until I was a grown woman. They never really warmed up to Mom and us not being my dad's bio. kids even though he adopted us and loves us as such. I wrote Ecclesiates 3 on vellum under their picture, it seemed so appropriate. My Grandma died unexpectedly. Dying in her sleep, my aunt found her that way. In a prayer stance laying in bed. They LOVED to go to Walmart and sit back in the McDonalds. Many people loved them. OF course, this page speaks for itself. Lillian in her bat costume. Typically, I don't like one picture layouts. I feel it starts to be more about the page than the actual photo. Sometimes, it just can't be helped. This was the only pic I had of Lillian in her costume, so there ya go.

And, a page commemorating my newest nephew's birth.
As a rule, I don't photograph every scrap book page I make...but when I'm working alone I'll sometimes snap a pic with my cell phone and send it to Amanda, my usual scrapbook buddy. Of course, this one being of her son, i thought she would like to see it.

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