Sunday, March 13, 2011

Got a new "do"

afterBefore, a little windy out side.

I tried, really I tried. My daughters begged me to let my grow. I tried. I just could not take it ANY longer...I mean that in many ways. I felt like I looked like an old harried worn out woman...(which in fact I may very well be) but I just wanted to look better. I have this unruly natural wavy body to my hair that tends toward the WHACK, chopped it all off. Just like that. It's a little shorter than I was shooting for, but it will grow back. It's all spikey in the back. I keep going back and forth on whether I like it or not. I need some of that hair putty stuff that makes you hair stay where you put it.( Also, cannot believe I've been in Walmart about five times and STILL keep forgetting to get some.) The cut also took away all the blonde and just left all the multitude of gray. LOTS of it.

Honestly, looking in the mirror, I feel disappointed. I realize as I walk away, no matter what I do to my hair, liking the way I look will not change unless I change my attitude about the way I look. By no coincidence, my daily devotion had pointed out God made us the way he wanted us, and how must it seem to him if we are never happy with HIS creation. It has given me pause. I'm trying to change my thought process. Trying to change.


The VW's said...

I like it! I bet it will be great for summer too!

Crystal said...

I love the new do! I could highlight your hair...just need the supplies. You should come up one day this week and we'll go get the stuff and DO IT!